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Why should you consider sealcoat for your driveway?

Proper Asphalt maintenance is a major key to improving the longevity and look of your asphalt. If your driveway or parking lot is left without seal coat, overtime, it will deteriorate at a more rapid pace than normal. There are a few reasons for this.

Keeps the grass and weeds from growing through the cracks in the pavement. We will either torch, weed-wack, or wire brush all of the existing cracks in your asphalt, and then fill it with a cold pour crack filler. We use a cold pour for the safety of you and our employees. This also allows us to fill and seal your driveway faster than we would be able to with a hot pour. An additional benefit to the cold pour crack filler is that it leaves cleaner lines and blends in better with the rest of your asphalt!!

Protects your asphalt from drying out. Asphalt is very good at soaking up heat due to its black color. This is good for your pavement as it allows it to flex and bend under pressure without cracking as easy. However, extended exposure to sun without regular sealcoating (about once every 4 years) will eventually dry out the asphalt. Causing it to be brittle and crack. This is where "alligator cracks" come from. Regular seal coating will keep your asphalt from drying out, strengthening and improving its flexibility, preventing those ugly alligator spots, general wear and tear, and cracking that may happen in normal conditions.

Helps protect against freeze and thaw cycles. Naturally, during the winter it gets cold and eventually starts freezing the rainwater on the roads. This can actually be a major issue if your pavement is not seal coated and properly maintained. Small amounts of water will seep into the cracks and holes in your asphalt, this can be especially problematic. The top of the water freezes first, forcing any water underneath down. When that water starts to freeze the amount of pressure created just from the frozen water expanding can develop anything from, more hairline cracks (causing this to happen over and over in the future), to massive cracks or potholes that threaten the integrity of your asphalt and can be dangerous for vehicles or persons.

We only use high quality products to guarantee the best quality job, hoping to build a lasting trust and relationship with every customer.

We use a mineral filled asphalt emulsion, Master Seal Ultra sourced from Sealmaster in Portland, with sand added to help fill holes and or cracks and give your asphalt grip for icy or wet conditions. Any existing cracks will be filled prior to the seal coat. Your driveway will then be taped to make sure no seal coat gets on concrete or anywhere we don't want it. Once our employees have thoroughly cleaned the pavement and removed any moss or grass, the seal coat is then applied using large nylon bristle brushes to ensure a streak and line free finish on your asphalt. After it is finished, we will place caution tape to make sure no one steps or drives on it while it is drying. This will undoubtedly leave marks and scuffs. Assuming the job was finished as expected we will get out of your hair, and you may pull the tape off and walk/drive on it after 48 hours!! Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, using the email provided. 

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